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The Camper Escape Room

While hiking with some friends deep into the woods, you stumble upon a decrepit old trailer. Someone in your group curiously suggest that you all should go in and check it out. One person in your group jokingly implies that this must be the trailer of the local serial killer who has yet to be captured. As you assuredly point out, that story nothing but an urban legend and that this trailer is nothing more than an old abandoned piece of junk. You insist that it is irrational to even think about going near the perilous place, as it is surely full of diseased rodents and disgusting creepy crawling things. Yet despite your reservations you find yourself following your friends up the steps and into the ominous trailer. Once inside, the site that unveils itself before you is one of pure dread. Something horrific has unquestionably happened in here. Something may still be happening here. As you turn to exit this horrid place, the door slams shut, and you hear the clanking of a locking padlock and the cackling of a mad psycho. Petrified and aghast, you must find a way out, before the killer decides to come in!


From the twisted minds of New Jersey’s Ultimate Haunted Attraction, BloodShed Farms Fear Fest, comes “The Camper”! The Camper is a mobile and stationary escape room that is ran as either a 15 minute escape game or a full hour.

The Camper is an interactive, live action escape experience for up to 6 people. Work together searching for clues and solving puzzles to beat the clock! The Camper will appear at many local events as well as at BloodShed Farms Fear Fest!

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Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru
2919 Route 206
Columbus NJ

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