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Bloodshed Farms New Jersey


Bloodshed Farms New Jersey


BloodShed Farms “The Last Drive Haunted Drive Thru” is an Immersive, Terrifying, Halloween experience!

From the safety of your own vehicle, you will have frightening encounters with twisted creatures and menacing characters as you journey through theatrical sets full of nightmarish displays and special effects.







Upgrade your ticket with the “PSYCHO PASS!” The Psycho Pass makes your experience more interactive and more terrifying!


The VIP “PSYCHO PATH” Upgrade engulfs you further into the horror by giving you an even more interactive experience! This special upgrade gives permission for our actors to get more up close and personal with you! It grants permission for us to touch and interact with all the passengers of the vehicle. Our Actors may reach in your car, hand you items, squirt water on you, and your vehicle may get foam and fake blood on it.)

You can add the Psycho Pass at checkout!


Back by popular demand! ANY SUNDAY – 8th, 15th, 22nd, 29th. Come through while riding in the bed of a pick up truck! It’s almost like a mini hayride!

Please do NOT ride in the bed of the truck while travelling to and from our location. Truck bed riders are limited to 4 per truck. Riders must be seated at all times.

Celebrate Friday the 13th with us as you come dressed in your favorite costumes! You can grab an entry form when you arrive at the ticket booth and we will judge your costumes before you drive through. (We will be judging the ENTIRE car of costumes and not individual costumes.) Prizes will include BloodShed Farms swag, free passes, awards, and more!

Jeep Meetup – Night ( DATE TBD)

Come through in your decorated vehicle and costumes! Be safe and make sure all the decorations will securely make the trip to and from our location and that they do not impede you or others while driving. You can ask for your car to be judged. (Just get a FREE entry form from the ticket booth.) We will be giving away some great prizes including awards, BloodShed Farms swag, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

TICKET INFO – Tickets purchased are good for 1 vehicle and all passengers inside. (See passenger rules to the right.) All tickets must be purchased in advance and online only. Tickets will not be sold at the event site. Upon Purchasing your ticket, you will select the date and specific 30 minute entrance time. A limited number of tickets are available for each entrance time. If an entrance time you want does not appear on the ticket purchasing site, that entrance time is sold out.

ENTRANCE TIMESWhen purchasing your ticket you will select a specific 30 minute entrance time slot for the date selected. You need to arrive to the event site within the entrance time chosen. You will get a 5 minute window before and after your 30 minute entrance time slot. If you arrive to far in advance of your entry time you may be asked to leave and return at the proper time. If you arrive later than your entry time you may be refused admittance to the event with no refund given.

VEHICLE SIZE AND TYPE RESTRICTIONSBicycles, Motorcycles, ATVS, Buses, Box Trucks, Limos, Tractors, Heavy Equipment Trucks, or Any vehicle over 7 feet tall, are not permitted. Riders are NOT allowed on the back of open bed vehicles. 

ROADS and ROAD RULES The road you will be driving on is a packed gravel road through cornfields, with turns and some slight elevation changes. A 3MPH speed limit is in place. If you can, you will be asked to turn your headlights off. There is NO STOPPING your vehicle during the drive unless an employee of the event asked you to do so. You may never exit the vehicle while in the event course. You must stay completely inside the vehicle AT ALL TIMES. You CAN NOT hang out of the windows or put your arms , head, or any body part out of the windows!  Security Staff will be positioned through the drive and failing to observe any of these rules will result in an immediate vehicle escorted exit of the course. All passengers must wear their seatbelts at all times.

Q. Are the tickets per person or per vehicle?

A. The tickets are 1 per vehicle. (Do not purchase 1 ticket for every person.) *** A FIVE person maximum per vehicle ticket. EACH passenger OVER FIVE will need an “extra guest!” pass. These are added on at checkout and are NOT an additional ticket.) ***

Q. How many passengers can I have in my vehicle?

A. 1 Vehicle ticket is good for up to FIVE attendees. We recommend no more than the number of passengers that you have seatbelts in your vehicle. For EVERY passenger OVER FIVE you will need an “extra guest pass”.

Q. What is the Check-In Procedure?

A. When you arrive during your chosen and designated time slot, you will approach one of any three drive up ticket booths. Have your printed ticket voucher or barcode open on your phone at the ready and our attendant will scan the barcode through the window of your vehicle. Do not  get out of your vehicle.

Q. How long will it take to drive through the course?

A. The course will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Q. Are there restrooms on site?

A. There are a few portable restrooms on site just past the ticket booths.

Q. Is there food on site?

A. Yes! There is a food truck on site that sells fast and delicious foods  like chicken fingers and fried Oreos! You will drive past this truck upon entry so stop by for some snacks!

Q. Will there be music and sound?

A. Yes. (It will be beneficial if you have a working stereo in your vehicle.) You will tune your radio to 88.3 to hear the soundtrack while driving through.

Q. Will you be open if there is bad weather?

A. A little rain won’t stop the show but if we feel the weather may create hazardous driving conditions or put our staff at risk we will not open. The website and Facebook page will post closings by 5pm EST the day of the event. If you have a ticket purchased for a night we close, your ticket can be transferred to another night.

Q. What if my vehicle breaks down?

A. Please make sure you arrive in a well maintained vehicle that has plenty of gas. If an emergency happens,  please remain in your vehicle. Our security staff will be by very quickly to assist you. We will have a tow staff on standby and you may be subject to their billing process. We can not let you wait for Triple A or any other roadside service you may have. Once towed out of the course you may call your own provider.

Q. May I take video or take pictures?

Yes you may!

However, we strongly adhere to the NO STOPPING policy. If you stop the vehicle to film or take photos our actors will be instructed to disengage your vehicle. You will not get a show. Stopping your vehicle may result in an immediate escorted exit of the course.

ABC 6 Video from 2020

BloodShed Farms is currently looking for actors, actresses, staff, and a costumer.

Requirements to be part of our team are:

  • Individuals MUST be 18 or older
  • Have a clean criminal record (A background check will be done.)
  • Have good work ethic (arrive to work on time, and show respect for managers, fellow employees, and costumers, etc)
  • Have reliable transportation to and from work
  • Have energy, enthusiasm, and be open-minded
  • Be available during our operation dates and times
  • Be of good health and physicality

If you fit the above requirements and would like to be considered for employment, please fill out the form linked below.

Employment Form

Watch Our Official Video!

Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru is located at 2919 Route 206,Columbus NJ

“D0 not follow to the Google maps pinpoint”

FROM THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE: Take Exit 7 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Go south on Route 206 for 4 miles. The Market will be on your right.

FROM INTERSTATE ROUTE 295: Take Exit 52A off of Route 295. (you will see signs for Columbus Farmers Market) Continue 3 miles into the town of Columbus. Get on Route 206 South. ***** There is a tricky Left turn to get onto Route 206 South. Please pay attention to the signs just before town ***** Travel for 1 mile on Route 206 South. The Market will be on your right.
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BloodShed Farms Fear Fest is located at the Columbus Farmers Market

Before you start screaming at BloodShed Farms, plan a trip to the Columbus Farmers Market. Open everyday we are!

Columbus Farmers Market Complex is the Delaware Valley’s oldest and largest Flea Market with 65 Inside Stores. You will find just about anything!  Fresh produce and seafood, excellent meats, delicious baked goods.  Household and decorative items, clothing and accessories.  Outdoor Flea Market with new and used merchandise.  Many great food vendors.  Flowers, plants and garden ornaments.  Columbus Antiques Mall is filled with antiques and collectibles.  Goodwill has a large variety of goods at discounted prices. American Sheds has an outstanding selection of sheds.  Store it all at our state-of-the-art Self Storage facility.  Stop by the new Central Jersey Equipment for the best in John Deere products.
Visit www.columbusfarmersmarket.com for more info!

Bloodshed Farms Drive-Thru
2919 Route 206
Columbus NJ

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Bloodshed Farms New Jersey

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