All 4 remaining nights are SOLD OUT! 

From the safety of your own vehicle, you will have frightening encounters with twisted creatures and menacing characters as you journey through theatrical sets full of terrifying displays and special effects.

Dates & Times



(See FAQ’s Below for all rules.)




Drive-Thru Hours:

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

7:00pm to 11:00pm


The VIP “Blood Bath” Upgrade engulfs you further into the horror by giving you an even more interactive experience!

This special upgrade gives permission for your vehicle to be touched by actors and props and to be subject to (but not limited to) fake blood, ectoplasmic goo, water, soap, and more! –  ONLY $20

The VIP “Blood Bath” Upgrade can be added at the ticket checkout!

(BloodShed Farms is not responsible for ANY damage to your vehicle when you purchase this package. We do however use only vehicle-safe liquid products.)

Frequently Asked Questions

TICKET INFO – Tickets purchased are good for 1 vehicle and all passangers inside. (See passanger rules to the right.) All tickets must be purchased in advance and online only. Tickets will not be sold at the event site. Upon Purchasing your ticket, you will select the date and specific 30 minute entrance time. A limited number of tickets are available for each entrance time. If an entrance time you want does not appear on the ticket purchasing site, that entrance time is sold out.

ENTRANCE TIMES – When purchasing your ticket you will select a specific 30 minute entrance time slot for the date selected. You need to arrive to the event site within the entrance time chosen. You will get a 5 minute window before and after your 30 minute entrance time slot. If you arrive to far in advance of your entry time you may be asked to leave and return at the proper time. If you arrive later than your entry time you may be refused admittance to the event with no refund given.

VEHICLE SIZE AND TYPE RESTRICTIONS – Bicycles, Motorcycles, ATVS, Buses, Box Trucks, Limos, Tractors, Heavy Equipment Trucks, or Any vehicle over 7 feet tall, are not permitted. Riders are NOT allowed on the back of open bed vehicles. No open tops or open sides (ie Covertibles, Jeeps).

ROADS and ROAD RULES – The road you will be driving on is a packed gravel road through cornfields, with turns and some slight elevation changes. A 3MPH speed limit is in place. You will be asked to turn your headlights off and drive with only your flashers on. (Please make sure these are in working condition on your vehicle before arriving or you may be refused entry into the event.) There is NO STOPPING your vehicle during the drive unless an employee of the event asked you to do so. You may NOT crack or roll down your windows. You may never exit the vehicle while in the event course. Security Staff will be positioned through the drive and failing to observe any of these rules will reult in an immediate vehicle escorted exit of the course. All passangers must wear their seatbelts at all times.

Is there an age restriction?

There is no age restriction. (Remember that riders can not ride on laps.)  Sorry, but there is also no age recommendation. In our 15 years of experience, children have far to great a rage of fear tolerance and we do not know your child to tell you if it is to scary for him or her. In haunted houses I’ve seen 7 year olds who are impossible to scare and 16 year olds who have to be escorted out because they couldn’t continue. There are scary scenes and props. It’s a haunted attraction. There is no nudity.

Q. Are the tickets per person or per vehicle?

A. The tickets are per vehicle. This is done to simplify and quicken the contactless check-in procedure.

How many passangers can I have in my vehicle?

You may have a passanger for every seatbelt in your vehicle. Seatbelts must be worn by each passanger.

Can I park an extra car on site? (Or meet up to carpool onsite?)

No. All passangers must be in the vehicle apon arriving to the property. For safety purposes, there is no parking on the property.

Q. What is the Check-In Procedure?

A. When you arrive during your chosen and designated time slot, you will approach one of any three drive up ticket booths. Have your printed ticket voucher or barcode open on your phone at the ready and our attendant will scan the barcode through the window of your vehicle. Do not roll down your window or get out of your vehicle.

Q. How long will it take to drive through the course?

A. At the start of the course, we will take a photo of you in you vehicle with a live charater in front of our “BloodShed Farms” barn. (This picture will be uploaded to our Facebook page for you to view and have for free!) After the photo, the course will take you about 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Q. Are there restrooms on site?

A. There are NO restrooms on site.

Q. Is there food on site?

A. Yes. A food truck will be onsite selling some delicious food. Upon exiting the course you will drive past the truck which will be set up to offer quick at your car door window service. The person in your vehicle placing and paying for the order MUST wear a mask. You can not get out of your vehicle. Please take the food ordered with you as there will not be enough spots for you to reamin onsite and enjoy your food. The food truck will be accepting CASH ONLY!

Q. Will there be music and sound?

A. Yes. (It will be benificial if you have a working stereo in your vehicle.) You will tune your radio to a specific station to hear the soundtrack while driving through.

Will you be open if there is bad weather?

A. A little rain won’t stop the show but if we feel the weather may create hazardous driving conditions or put our staff at risk we will not open. The website and Facebook page will post closings by 5pm EST the day of the event. If you have a ticket purchased for a night we close for weather conditions, your ticket will be valid for ANY other night and time. We can only offer refunds if your ticket is purchased for the final night and we close that night due to weather conditions.

What if my vehicle breaks down?

A. Please make sure you arrive in a well maintained vehicle that has plenty of gas. If an emergency happens,  please remain in your vehicle. Our security staff will be by very quickly to assist you. We will have a tow staff on standby and you may be subject to their billing process. We can not let you wait for Triple A or anyother roadside service you may have. Once towed out of the course you may call your own provider.

BloodShed Farms Fear Fest

is located at the

Columbus Farmers Market

Before you start screaming at BloodShed Farms, plan a trip to the Columbus Farmers Market. Open everyday we are!

Columbus Farmers Market Complex is the Delaware Valley’s oldest and largest Flea Market with 65 Inside Stores. You will find just about anything!  Fresh produce and seafood, excellent meats, delicious baked goods.  Household and decorative items, clothing and accessories.  Outdoor Flea Market with new and used merchandise.  Many great food vendors.  Flowers, plants and garden ornaments.  Columbus Antiques Mall is filled with antiques and collectibles.  Goodwill has a large variety of goods at discounted prices. American Sheds has an outstanding selection of sheds.  Store it all at our state-of-the-art Self Storage facility.  Stop by the new Central Jersey Equipment for the best in John Deere products.
Visit for more info!


Address: 2919 Route 206,Columbus NJ

FROM THE NEW JERSEY TURNPIKE: Take Exit 7 of the New Jersey Turnpike. Go south on Route 206 for 4 miles. The Market will be on your right.

FROM INTERSTATE ROUTE 295: Take Exit 52A off of Route 295. (you will see signs for Columbus Farmers Market) Continue 3 miles into the town of Columbus. Get on Route 206 South. ***** There is a tricky Left turn to get onto Route 206 South. Please pay attention to the signs just before town ***** Travel for 1 mile on Route 206 South. The Market will be on your right.